Welcome to Red Toque

We Provide Visual Design, Community Building and Brand Management Services

A Believer in Little Business

We care about the success of BC’s coastal communities – our families live and work here too!

Let’s Build a Legacy

Your story matters; let us share your legacy with the community.

We Love Projects

Tell us about your next big idea and we’ll make it a reality.

Expand Your Horizons

Attract new customers, business ventures and prospective employees

We Let Our Work Speak for Itself

We love what we do - and we think you will too!

Lets talk about it. Meet with us for a cuppa joe or a pint to discuss your business’ next project. We're always on the lookout for the next big challenge.

More About Us

Red Toque is a small local business too!

We pride ourselves on maintaining a small, tidy shop to focus on understanding our clients’ needs, to deliver high quality services and to maintain a happy work-life balance. Follow us on our blog as we uncover the successes and challenges that many small businesses face. Also connect with us on social media to see what we’re currently cooking up!

Contact us anytime at info@redtoque.com